"Who we are is as much about what came before as it is about what comes next. We must link our heritage with our tomorrow to give our children a world we would be happy to inherit." - Stephanie, Baroness de Sarachaga

The Sarachaga Society & Foundation is dedicated to bringing The Family together in order to engage in the preservation of cultural memory, with a focus on the Basque people, and others who have been effected by war and diaspora.

Responsibility of the Society & Foundation includes the the care of antiquities, art, manuscripts, and memories, along with social action and community organization. This tradition of stewardship reflects Stephanie's great great grandfather, Alexis, Baron de Sarachaga, the  founder of the Musée du Hiéron in Paray-le -Monial, France, with satellites and partner organizations throughout the world.

The Sarachaga Society also supports those most in need, via a partnership with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, among others. 

Department for the Preservation of Cultural Memory

The Department of Preservation is focussed on securing and supporting cultural memory in all its manifestations, be they physical, such as a manuscript or edifice, or intangible, such as a story or experience through journalism and publication. This Department also holds the responsibility of ensuring the upkeep and growth of the physical properties held and preserved by the family. 

Department of Prevention and Restitution

The Department of Prevention and Restitution is about the intangiable, but very important concepts, of justice and recompense. The Department looks to answer through action the question of: How can we make this right? The Department focusses on assisting those looking for items taken from them by war, illegal seizure etc. The Department also seeks to find and implement tangible ways societal and cultural wrongs can be righted.

A key piece of this is being preventative. The Department has created a recent partnership with the  United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA). UNOCHA believes that many crises can be prevented, and the terrible attrocities that mark humanities past can and should be tackled head on. The Sarachaga Society & Foundation agrees and is proud to be a partner and supporter of this effort, just as generations before have engaged in supporting similar causes.  

The Society & Foundation is dedicated to helping the many.

As such please feel free to contact us.

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