"Who we are is as much about what came before as it is about what comes next. We must link our heritage with our tomorrow to give our children a world we would be happy to inherit." - Princess Stephanie

Responsibilities of the Sarachaga Foundation includes a focus on social action and community organization, along with care of antiquities, art, manuscripts, and memories.

The Sarachaga Society is dedicated to the preservation of cultural memory, with a focus on the Basque people, and others who have been effected by war and diaspora.

This tradition of stewardship reflects Princess Stephanie's great great grandfather, Prince Alexis, Sovereign Baron de Sarachaga, the  founder of the Musée du Hiéron in Paray-le -Monial, France, with satellites and partner organizations throughout the world.

Sarachaga Foundation: Focussed on Prevention and Community Development

The Sarachaga Foundation is dedicated to taking a positive first view towards community and economic development. As such, the Foundation looks at the community as an integrated organism and works to both promote the positive and mitigate the risks. 

To achieve this the Foundation engages in community analysis as well as interventions. Most are via community partnerships and strong stakeholder alignment. 

Currently the Sarachaga Family is focussed on assisting in economic development via micro lending programs and community banking, supporting in educational attainment via conversations on innovations in education and supporting school programs, such as the Architecture + Design Charter High School, the first of its kind in the U.S. The Sarachaga Family is also intimately engaged in the battle against the opioid epedimic in the United States. 

The foundation created a policy education platform, Real American Values, to discuss issues at the heart of the divide in U.S. politics. The focus is on the future of labor, education, and entrepreneurship.

Sarachaga Society: Responsible for Preservation of Cultural Memory

Sarachaga Society is focussed on securing and supporting cultural memory in all its manifestations, be they physical, such as a manuscript or edifice, or intangible, such as a story or experience through journalism and publication. Sarachaga Society also holds the responsibility of ensuring the upkeep and growth of the physical properties held and preserved by the family. 

The Society & Foundation are dedicated to helping the many.

As such please feel free to contact us.

We can be reached by email or via the form, and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Email: hello@sarachaga.co.uk

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