Musée du Hiéron Celebrates Anniversary of Renovation and Re-opening

The Musée du Hiéron spent the year 2015/16 celebrating the re-opening the Museum after the renovations. The year 2015 marks the ten year anniversary, and does so with a special exhibition dedicated their founder, the Prince Alexis, Sovereign Baron de Sarachaga. 

According to the Musée du Hiéron, The 2015 program begins with the presentation of the plans and drawings of the building sought since 2002, and recently discovered in the architect's family archives. The re-reading of the history of the museum will then be the highlight of the year 2016 with a closing exhibition around the figure of the founder, Prince Alexis, under the patronage of his descendant Princess Stephanie. 

Sarachaga et Company Featured in ArtMag

Sarachaga et Company Featured in ArtMag

The Real Estate and Hospitality Division of Sarachaga et Compagnie was featured in ArtMag for their work with the Royal Hotel in Scotland. Read more for details.

Sarachaga Family Honoured in Paray-Le-Monial, France

The Head of the House of Sarachaga and Sarachaga et Compagnie, Baroness Stephanie de Sarachaga, was honoured by the Mayor of Paray-Le-Monial, Mr. Jean-Marc Nesme, for both her and her great-great grandfather's, Baron Alexis de Sarachaga, dedication and founding of the world renowned Musée du Hiéron

 An article in the local municipal publication highlighting the moment may be found here. 


When asked about the moment the Baroness said, "I am proud of hope and culture my ancestors brought to this town and the world through the Musée du Hiéron, and an overjoyed that the Museum continues to do so. And I am proud to say we will continue to support and partner with the Museum and Paray-le-Monial." 


Chairwoman of Sarachaga et Compagnie published in Somos Primos

Baroness Stephanie de Sarachaga was published in the October 2015 edition of Somos Primos. Somos Primos, a respected Hispanic academic publication dedicated to discussing heritage, culture, genealogy, business, politics and current events. The publication has an ever expanding loyal following of readers in the hundreds of thousands. The Baroness is a regular advisor and contributor to the publication.

The Baroness, who in addition to her business achievements, is well respected for her research and academic contributions in the areas of history and genealogy.  

This month's contribution was titled: "Spotlight on the Nasi Family at the Court of the Ottoman Empire:  Re-examining the Power of the Nasi Family", and can be found in the Spanish Surnames section.

 The article begins: "Doña Gracia (also known as Beatrice de Luna) and her family are pillars of Sephardic genealogy. Doña Gracia and her family were more than leaders, in our 21st century parlance they were “change makers” and major players on the international diplomatic and commercial stage. "To illustrate the power of this family, consider that it was able to cause the commercial boycott against the Italian port of Ancona in reprisal for its persecution of converts […]” (Diaz-Mas, 1992).  Dona Gracia and her family, despite being chased by the Inquisition, saved the lives of countless Jews under persecution. She saw it as her mission in life to help her people to freedom. It is for this reason that I want to take the time and bring to light a piece of Dona Gracia as stateswoman, and her family’s alliances, that assisted her greatly in the materialization of her great achievements.  As with any genealogy, it is important to consider the broader context and implication of the life and times of the individuals of focus, and this is a piece of the story that I believe shows the breadth and depth of this woman and her family, as well as a microcosm of the Sephardic Jewish experience of this era..."

The article continues here.