The Heritage of Sarachaga et Compagnie

The legacy of Sarachaga et Compagnie is a heritage that affords both institutional knowledge and motivation.

The Sarachaga Family holdings have pre-medieval origins, though it is easiest to begin the history of Sarachaga et Compagnie from its namesake in the early 18th century. 

18th Century

Sarachaga et Compagnie is the direct descendant of Nicolas de Sarachaga et Compangnie, which Nicolas inherited from his father. The company was a well established private firm known for direct investments in shipping, real estate, and mining. Nicolas de Sarachaga was also a partner in Wernier, Heartsnick y Casas of Amsterdam. Warnier, Heartsick y Casas had been agents of the King of England since 1773.

19th Century

Sarachaga et Comaigne acquires another well respected holding company and bank, that of Jacinto de Uria Naffarondo and Sons. This is further solidified through the marriage of Florentino de Sarachaga to Maria Uria-Nafforondo Alcedo. It is at this time that the Family partners and funds the Bonapartes, among others.

Early to Mid 20th Century

The bank and holding company have continued to be held privately by the Sarachaga Family. Alexis de Sarachaga and his sister Esperanza de Sarachaga (grandchildren of Florentino) lead Sarachaga et Compagnie until their deaths, leaving behind success across Europe, from Bavaria to Russia to the Vatican, via diplomacy and business acumen.

In 1918, sole control of the bank and the holdings passed to Ricardo de Sarachaga, thier heir. At this time a majority of assets of the Family throughout Europe are seized by the dictatorships of Spain, and later the Fascists and Nazis. Ricardo, along with his family, relocate to Mexico.

Ricardo's son, Alfredo de Sarachaga, began the rebuilding process, leveraging their position in Mexico. He focused Sarachaga et Compagnie on commodities and pharmaceuticals, as these were his areas of expertise, thanks to his position as the Senior Executive of Petróleos Mexicanos (PMEX) in the United States, and from his board position in Amgen Mexico.

Present Day

Stephanie de Sarachaga, Alfredo's granddaughter, is currently at the helm of Sarachaga et Compagnie and Head of the House of Sarachaga. She has identified innovation and entrepreneurship as the keys to growing the family holdings in the 21st Century.