Sarachaga et Compagnie: A Legacy Company for the 21st Century


The successful focus on innovation and social impact is due to the leadership of our Stephanie de Sarachaga, Head of the House of Sarachaga. Under her guidance the firm has restructured and focuses on direct investment in holdings related to tech, social impact, real estate and hospitality.  Sarachaga et Compagnie continues to provide merchant banking services and M&A advisory by referral.

Stephanie is also responsible for the focus and vision that drives the growth and prestige for the Sarachaga Society. Stephanie has made a name for herself in her own right in the world of start-ups, fashion, and commercial development.  Recently she was named one of the most influential women of Israel.  

Areas of Focus

Innovation via Social Change Ventures

Sarachaga et Compagnie directly invests in innovation via our venture arm Social Change Ventures. Social Change Ventures acts individually by directly investing in tech driven SMEs. The impetus of Social Change Ventures was an attempt to create change and dominate in sectors that are traditionally controlled by men, demolish the glass ceiling and open the door to women management and customers. This initial target industries are gaming, commodities, shipping, and manufacturing. 

Social Responsibility via Direct Investment in Frontier Markets

Sarachaga et Compagnie strongly believes in utilizing HUMINT in tandem with traditional financial indicators, along with own proprietary methodologies for SROI and impact evaluation to produce strong financial and social returns. This fund was created with partnership with the United Nations Office of Coordinated Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in an attempt to diversify funding to those most in need beyond state benefactors and into the private sector, utilizing the people and data driven successes of the Country Based Pooled Funds

Real Estate and Hospitality via the Sarachaga Hospitality Group

Sarachaga et Compagnie leverages its leaderships' experience in Mahattan commercial development into growing holdings in the UK and Europe. Recently, the decision has been made to move into hospitality as well. The Sarachaga brand will soon be known for its quality locations defined by work and pleasure in non-metropolitan areas: art, finance, fun, and a bit of adventure with the Sarachaga Hospitality Group.

M&A Strategy and Advisory for our Friends

We do provide M&A strategy and financing advice to our global network, as our centuries of experience and deep on-the-ground, real-time market knowledge, affords our friends and clients with the necessary perspective to achieve results driven solutions.  We've dealt with all of the following, and more. Sarachaga et Compagnie is always open to helping a friend in need.

  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Privatizations
  • Shareholder reorganization
  • Public and private mergers and takeovers
  • Defence preparation and bid defense
  • Demergers and spin-offs
  • Business acquisitions
  • Corporate governance matters
  • Creative financing and capital needs